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Infodoc ID   Synopsis   Date
13526   RoadMap for windows SRDB and infodoc   10 Jul 1996

Description Top
This is the roadmap for the articles currently on the SRDB and infodoc
database as of 5/3/96.
Product Area Top
Applications (AnswerBook)

10594    AnswerBook      AnswerBook technology opens access to Solari
11708    AnswerBook     A debugging version of the answerbook 3.4 scr

Product Area: Applications (DevGuide)


Product Area: Applications (HelpDesk)

10259    HelpDesk       Description of SunCourier (formerly TechEscal
10590    HelpDesk       How to have the same root menu when using mwm

Product Area: Applications (ShowMe)

11562    ShowMe         ShowMe FAQ - Frequently Asked Qestions

Product Area: Applications (SunSolve)

10086    SunSolve       Release Notes for SunSolve/HelpDesk 2.2.1
10241    SunSolve       ab_link to sunsolve fails, Search Code 11
10680    SunSolve       SunSolve/HelpDesk 2.4.1 CD Release Notes
10820    SunSolve       SunSolve/HelpDesk 2.4.2 Release Notes
10914    SunSolve       SunSolve/HelpDesk 2.5 Release Notes
10934    SunSolve       SunSolve/HelpDesk CD 2.5 Release Notes
11186    SunSolve       SunSolve/HelpDesk CDROM Version 2.6 Release N
11545    SunSolve       How to be notified each time a bug changes st

Product Area: Gen. Network (Asynch Modem)

10125    Asynch Modem   rs232 pinouts for modem cable
10180    Asynch Modem   Updated modem installation guide
10181    Asynch Modem   Cannot use cu or tip to modem 4.x uucp telebi
11842    Asynch Modem   How to configure Hayes compatible modems.
11843    Asynch Modem   Hayes Accura 28.2 Modem Registers
11845    Asynch Modem   Hayes 28.8 Modem Registers
11846    Asynch Modem   Hayes Optima 28.8 to Hayes Accura 28.8 setup.
11847    Asynch Modem   Hayes Optima 38400 Registers
11848    Asynch Modem   Hayes Ultra Smartmodem 9600 V.32 SRegisters
11849    Asynch Modem   Intel 14.4CX modem settings
11850    Asynch Modem   How to configure Multitech MT2834 on Solaris
11851    Asynch Modem   Practical Peripheral 28.8 Model PM2888MT II V
11852    Asynch Modem   Practical Peripherals to Hayes Ultra 9600 set
11856    Asynch Modem   Telebit T3000 register settings
11858    Asynch Modem   Tip information
11859    Asynch Modem   US Robotics Sportster 14400 fax modem setting
11860    Asynch Modem   US Robotics 14.4 Sportster Modem settings
11868    Asynch Modem   Modem symptoms troubleshooting guide
11869    Asynch Modem   What do the V series of modems mean?
12591    Asynch Modem   How to run tip in 8 bit mode
2027     Asynch Modem   Telebit 3000 modem setup
2062     Asynch Modem   Sun configuration for Hayes Smartmodem 2400
2114     Asynch Modem   Info on USRobotics Courier 14400 HST modem
2256     Asynch Modem   How to set up a bidirectional modem manually
6428     Asynch Modem   Manually adding a bidirectional modem on Sola
7263     Asynch Modem   how to setup Telebit T1600, T3000, and WorldB

Product Area: Graphics (Graphics Hardware)

10250    Graphics Hard   Freedom Series graphics accelerator direct p
10396    Graphics Hard  changing gamma correction value on GX (cgsix)

Product Area: Hardware (monitor)

13235    monitor        All you need to know -monitors

event you lose your

Product Area: Windows (ÂToolTalk)

11753    ÂToolTalk      How can one use ToolTalk without an Xsession?

Product Area: Windows (CDE)

11669    CDE            How to run CDE on a dual-headed system.
11719    CDE            Starting Applications from a menu under CDE
11721    CDE            Starting applications on different workspaces
11729    CDE            Starting non-session manager aware apps under
11732    CDE            To run CDE and OpenLook on two screens of sam
11747    CDE            How to bring CDE in 24 bit mode
13065    CDE            How to kill CDE screen lock

Product Area: Windows (DeskSet)

11686    DeskSet        To make filemgr notice when files have been t
12319    DeskSet        Explanation of how Calendar Manager works
6059     DeskSet        tty-based interface to calendar manager

Product Area: Windows (OpenWindows)

10374    OpenWindows    how to set up multiple TurboGX framebuffers w
10389    OpenWindows    How to avoid expanding email alias in mailtoo
10596    OpenWindows    How to bring up Openwindow at boot time

                SRDB LISTING
=======  =============  =============================================
11293    OpenWindows    Setup a SUN for XDM to serve 1 or several Xte
11592    OpenWindows    How to add Type3 postscript fonts on a Sol2.3
11593    OpenWindows    Relationship between '.afm' files and scalabl
11652    OpenWindows    what version of SUN MOTIF is currently runnin
11656    OpenWindows    How to add signature to mail message automati
11693    OpenWindows    How to set DISPLAY variable automatically on
11695    OpenWindows    S24 framebuffer is not supported by Solaris 1
11726    OpenWindows    Managing Another Workstation's Display
11746    OpenWindows    How to bring Openwindows in different locales
11754    OpenWindows    How can I get help/cut/copy/paste keys on X86
11884    OpenWindows    What are the requirements for using Japanese
12062    OpenWindows    Ergonomic Standards ZH/618 EN29241-3 (ISO 924
3758     OpenWindows    Installing openwindows using extract files or
5676     OpenWindows    resizing a shell widget
6061     OpenWindows    editing .Xdefaults
6150     OpenWindows    SECURITY BULLETIN: #00114

Product Area: Windows (Programming)

2199     Programming    can a user exit but still execute DestroyCall

Product Area: Windows (TGX+)

11687    TGX+           To set the resolution of a second TGX+ frameb

Product Area: Windows (XDM)

11685    XDM            How to prevent the XDM managing the workstati
11734    XDM            How to get XDM to read a user's .openwin-init

Product Area: Windows (libraries)

12821    libraries      ThreadSafe OpenWindows libraries

Product Area: Windows (xdm)

11666    xdm            Configuring Xterminals for X Display Manager

Product Area: n/a (Olit)

2006     Olit           Capture the window manager's quit message eve
2012     Olit           capture window manager's quit message event i

Product Area: n/a (OpenWindows)

2030     OpenWindows    how to get the 101A-PC keyboard working with
2048     OpenWindows    Customizing Your OpenWindows Environment
2051     OpenWindows    What is colormap flashing and how does it occ
2079     OpenWindows    Getting xterm to work with Num_Lock
2082     OpenWindows    info on 101A-PC keyboard and OpenWindows
2093     OpenWindows    can't display a raster background in openwind
2127     OpenWindows    how to add a new KeySym to OpenWindows

                SRDB LISTING
=======  =============  =============================================
2246     OpenWindows    How to build a font family which only has 1 p

Product Area: n/a (OtherGraphics)

2041     OtherGraphics   how is the VX/MVX run off of a single monito
2212     OtherGraphics  What is the difference between an RTE and a D
2244     OtherGraphics  Sun Class B Monitor Connector (13W3) Pinout i

2060     Printer-Plott  the v80 plotter doesn't work right on Sun600/
2066     Printer-Plott  Printing: Help synthesis
2071     Printer-Plott  problems with setup of printing spooling mech
2097     Printer-Plott  Solaris 2 printer configuration commands - qu

Product Area: n/a (SunView-desktop)

2005     SunView-deskt  Need Sunview RootMenu option to exit/logout S
2053     SunView-deskt  error explained:  "WIN ioctl number 2000672a:

Product Area: n/a (ToolTalk)

2100     ToolTalk       tooltalk session: no reply from receiver to s

Product Area: n/a (Win)

2207     Win            how to use a different visual than the defaul
2209     Win            where are resources of widget loaded from

Product Area: n/a (X11/NeWS)

2058     X11/NeWS       error message in running OpenWindows V2 and V

Product Area: n/a (XView)

2074     XView           using the openwindows2.0 xview scrolling lis
2092     XView          how to use notify_set_wait3_func in a blockin
2151     XView          XView 2.0 panel_list manipulation routines

Product Area: n/a (Xlib)

2050     Xlib           Xlib program to traverse the window hierarchy
2077     Xlib           How to load separate colormaps for subwindows
2154     Xlib           Manipulating multiple colormaps on subwindows

Product Area: n/a (admin)

6353     admin          SFS Submissions to SPEC for SPARCcluster 1

Product Area: n/a (appl)

2096     appl           ordering Solaris 2.3 media
2120     appl           AnswerBook Most Frequently Asked Questions (M
2146     appl           Lotus Notes bundled with SPARCservers
2262     appl           4.1.3C Patch Status Notice

Product Area: n/a (gfx)

2215     gfx            how to receive multiple dropped 'objects' in
2221     gfx            how does user set resolution of secondary fra

Product Area: n/a (win)

2135     win            NeWSprint Frequently Asked Questions
2145     win            fast performance replacing items in a PANEL_L
2206     win             how to receive multiple 'objects' from a dro
2257     win            how to use 2 sets of arrow keys, to do differ
2275     win            x25, hsi, 8.0, port, WAN, netconf
2279     win            collect link statistics using an nli program

Product Area: n/a (xnews)

2076     xnews          how to use a Japanese (Kanji) font in an XVie
2150     xnews          A Kanji XView demo using Xlib 16-bit text cal
2156     xnews          Colormap Flashing FAQs

Product CDE
OS Solaris 2.5
Hardware any



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