TCNet Express

XWindows configuration hints

CDE config files
CDE in 24 bit mode
Setting up CDE with firewall
MOTD on CDE login
Adding an icon on CDE front panel
Add Alternate WM to dt login
Adding an app to front panel
Adding an app to menu CDE
Changing DTE login screens
Changing DTE login logo
Changing DT Windows Manager
Changing the mouse image
CDE commands
Customizing the front panel
Define a printer into CDE
Different sessions setup
Dt action on PSD
Dt Term title bar
CDE with dual monitors
Unlocking CDE screen lock
DTW as MWM ...
New CDE backdrop
Reinstalling CDE
Removing the pad lock
Remove actions from Desktop
Run CDE from 2nd monitor
CDE and OpenWin
Running an X server
Staring CDE from CLI
CDE with no front panel
Starting Openwin at boot time
Starting Xemacs with no dt pad
Stopping the Dt login process
Using MWM rc files
CDE variable(s) setup
Xterm PSD

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